We have a lot of climate change denialists in this country. It’s easy for them because they aren’t actually affected by it as much as people in other nations. While hacking back taxes that pay for the extra firefighters needed to put out the blazes caused by drought or repairing cities and towns destroyed by extreme weather, they sit back with their air conditioners running, talking about how the undisputed rise in temperature is “just a natural cycle” and that “Climate change is just Al Gore trying to get rich.”

I once met a woman who said she wanted to be a meteorologist who would post interesting links from sites like NOAA on her facebook but completely ignore the multitude of resources provided by NOAA that show that climate change is anthropogenic. (The cognitive dissonance it must have taken her to completely ignore the data must not have faired well in class because as far as I know, she never pursued a career in climate or weather). She also worked closely with the Republican party in her area trying to fight legislation that would reduce carbon emissions. No kidding. People like this exist and they are organized. Scary, ain’t it?

But it’s worse than that. There is an island nation in the Pacific that is slated to be to first nation completely lost to climate change. Completely. Lost. Let that sink in.

According to Wikipedia, the Nation of Kiribati “is expected to be the first country to lose all its land territory to global climate change. In June 2008, the Kiribati president Anote Tong said that the country has reached ‘…the point of no return.’ He added, ‘To plan for the day when you no longer have a country is indeed painful but I think we have to do that.'”

In a fair world, the climate change deniers would be put on Kiribati to figure out a solution and their homes given to the people whose nation will be destroyed by these asshole’s constant consumption and dependence on carbon. Alas, the world isn’t fair and an entire people will be homeless while conservatives with silver spoons whine about “big government” and lie to themselves about the facts. They are extremely deluded and dangerous. Is it any wonder most of them are also Christians?