There are many skeptics who happen to be women who are finding that certain issues are distracting from the movement. It’s no question that these internal conflicts and controversies are taking away from discussions about religious freedom, separation of church and state, counter-apologetics, etc, that we as skeptics would like to be focusing on.

It’s been assumed by a number of people who identify as feminists that women will be more interested in skepticism if the movement focuses more on feminists issues. However, there are a number of us that find this position condescending. We don’t feel we need to be enticed into skepticism by focusing on the fact that we have vaginas. Women can be interested in skepticism without this kind of pandering.

Many of us also haven’t experienced the kind of community that certain bloggers have portrayed. “Dangerous to women,” and “full of sexists,” are not consistent with the open, freethinking and safe community we’ve found. We’ve never once heard skeptics debating “are women colleagues or are they fuck toys?” We want to stick up for these charges made against our little online community.

Some awesome skeptic women have come up with a letter that does just that. I encourage any women who feel safe in the secular community and who want to see an end to these attacks to please sign the letter.

You may sign with a pseudonym if you are not an “out” atheist and want your information kept private, but I ask that you treat the letter with respect when choosing your ‘nym.

Thank you for your consideration.