Ophelia Benson has a post up where she mentions a tweet I sent to a conversation I saw in my timeline a few weeks ago. The title of the post is More documenting the harassment.” Funny, though, none of the tweets she mentions are harassment. They are debates and conversations. They aren’t bullying, mean-spirited and a lot of them don’t even use Ophelia’s twitter handle, just her name to critique her actions. This is harassment? Really?

My tweet was in response to her confronting Sara Mayhew about the use of “old” as an insult. I said, “Old, as in “old cisgendered white guys like Richard Dawkins?” because that sort of thing has been used by Ophelia’s friends as an insult. To counter this in her blog, she posts a link to a comment from two years ago as if I was supposed to be aware that she mentions that using old as an insult was “crude” of Rebecca Watson. I’m misrepresenting Ophelia or something because I wasn’t aware of this comment from July 2011.


Most of these examples are not directed at her. AmbrosiaX is the only account that is talking to her directly. Ophelia admits in the blogpost that she had to go to Sara Mayhew’s twitter feed in order to find what Sara had said! This is harassment? Someone call Oxford because now talking about someone is harassment. Is it any wonder we use the term “victim narrative” to describe what Ophelia does?