I want to make clear that because I critique the actions of some feminist groups and their ideology, that doesn’t mean I’m denying that sexism, inequality and things like privilege don’t exist. I think that feminists in the past have been wrong to not recognize that sexism affects men, too, and that “empowerment” should be about demanding equal treatment, not demeaning the opposite sex.

On the other hand, I can’t get behind MRM groups who “reinterpret” historical oppression of women as a feminine ploy to rule the world behind the scenes so we can sit on the couch not working and eating bon-bons all day while harvesting men’s paychecks for children men didn’t want in the first place. (Yes, that last statement is a bit hyperbolic, but I’ve heard arguments close to it). I also reject the notion of “emasculating” men. Men should be as more or leas macho as they want to be, just as women have a right to their own identities as women.

I also don’t think all things classified as “sexism” or “objectification” is going to be the same for every woman. I also don’t think that nitpicking about such definitions while upper-middle class white feminists ignore the plight of poor, minority women who are preyed upon by men is at all productive. There’s a serious class and race problem within the mainstream segment of the feminist movement.

These aren’t really popular opinions and will probably draw some ire. There is a bad habit within feminism to attack and ridicule people who disagree or who don’t fully understand certain concepts and I also reject this approach to social justice issues. No one gains any knowledge of things like privilege when it’s being wielded as a weapon. “Check your privilege” has got to go.

Now that I’ve written all that, I have to disclose that this is my personal opinion and you can disagree or not, but keep it civil on my blog, please. I welcome feedback and encourage anyone that thinks they can change my mind or correct me on things to do so, but if you start being a jerk and attacking people instead of ideas, I don’t want to hear from you. Beyond that, say whatever you want.