UPDATE: I’m updating this so that it’s a little clearer: it’s not just that a woman might have a tough time deciding to have an abortion, it’s also that it’s an intimate, invasive and painful medical procedure. I’d like to ask the women defending Secular Woman if they would really be okay if Secular Woman had named it “Hysterectomize Theocracy” or “Mastectomize Theocracy.” It’s tactless what they’ve done, plain and simple. End update.

I’m pretty much echoing the sentiments of The Friendly Atheist’s criticism of Secular Woman’s latest “Abort Theocracy” campaign, but I feel like I just need to add my own thoughts.

Naming a campaign like this after a popular women’s rights issue might seem like a good idea, but the way they are using it, it seems like it was written by people who have no idea what it’s like for women facing that issue. Perhaps they want to be “edgy” to draw attention to their budding organization, but what they’ve done is just make themselves look insensitive and ignorant. For anyone who has had to come face to face with the choice between abortion or an unwanted pregnancy, this kind of blatant exploitation of the issue is a slap in the face. I sincerely hope Secular Woman change their mind and find a better title for their campaign.