While doing the twittering today, I stumbled upon an incredibly well written blogpost by Sara Mayhew that did a great job of detailing why a person might be turned off by the nasty rhetoric of certain atheist feminists, but also really hit the nail on the head when it comes to my own views about feminist equality in the skeptic community.

She writes:

The message of Dr. Hall’s shirt resonates with me because it addresses the most important thing to me about feminism and equality; that you can’t make assumptions about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences based on my gender. I don’t consider myself part of a subset of skeptics because I’m a woman. What I want is to be viewed as a human individual. My experiences aren’t going to be the same as yours just because we share the same gender.

At the bottom of the blogpost you’ll see an update with some screenshots. I invite you to take a good look. Surly Amy herself tweets:

I’d make 1for @saramayhew 2 but she would then have to buy matching shoes&take instagrams and Id hate 2 waste her whole night. @CaraColeen

Buy matching shoes? Waste her whole night? If that’s not stereotyping and denigrating to women, then I don’t know how Surly Amy can be pissed off about a fucking shirt that expresses a person’s desire to be known for their mind and not their vag.

Chiming in shortly after is CFI-DC director Melody Hensley.

@SurlyAmy @CaraColeen @saramayhew “Hey. I can get more attention, speaking gigs, and the bys will like me if I keep ragging on Skepchicks!”

All I have to say is WOW. I decided to tweet Melody Hensley to see if she had any idea that what she was doing is sexual harassment. I got blocked for my efforts. I wrote:

.@MelodyHensley You know what my job calls accusations of using male attn to climb the ladder? Sexual harassment. @saramayew

Well, I’ve sent a strongly worded letter to info@centerforinquiry.net because (obviously) sending it to the Director of CFI-DC will get nowhere. Feel free to do the same. Here’s mine:

To whom it may concern,
I’d just like to let you know that I am shocked and appalled that the Director of CFI-DC would participate in the sexual harassment of a woman on twitter.
Melody Hensley implied that because Sara Mayhew wrote a blog post defending a prominent skeptic for her views on gender equality, Sara was somehow using the controversy to garner male attention to get speaking gigs.
Here is the blog post, with updates that include screenshots of Melody Hensley making the damaging accusation:
I hope you treat this situation with as much seriousness as it deserves. I respect CFI very much and would hate to lose respect for an organization that does so much good, including the Intelligence Squared debates.
Thank you,
Katie Graham