“It is easier to fall for anything than to stand for something.”

I’ve been told I hold my views too far out on my sleeve. I ought to just change the subject and never mind. Just worry about me, or now, or whatever. But I don’t live in a vacuum and my civic responsibilities don’t end at the voting booth or the jury duty selection. When you refuse to exercise your rights, someone else will exercise them for you.

Avicenna, who loved accusing me of not caring enough about women in the past, apparently didn’t care enough about writing his own material for his blog.

Life is like a beautiful woman who can’t stay tied down. No matter how many times she breaks your heart, you will always love her.

Secular is not a bad word. For a long time, I saw the respect fall from people’s eyes when I told them I didn’t believe in anything supernatural. It was as if they suddenly saw me as empty. The following video of Justin Vacula at yesterday’s Wilks-Berre City Council meeting is a beautiful description of young non-believers, and a stand for everyone’s First Amendment rights. I’m proud to be a secular humanist.


Friends and subscribers,

I’ve met my match. An intelligent young theist who has explored many of the same things I have and has come to completely opposite conclusions. He’s well spoken, doesn’t condescend and doesn’t lose his cool when explaining or defending his position.

This young man disagrees with me on every issue. I can tell him, “I understand your position, it’s just not very convincing to me because of X” and he doesn’t get upset or insulting. We simply move on to next question. I feel like I’m getting inside information from a culture I’m so far removed from and a religion I stopped exploring at a very young age. I’m so curious as to how each of us walked the same bread trail, only to the end up at completely different cottages.

It helps this man is Catholic. Protestants are very “feeling” based and are often anti-intellectual. Catholicism has won points from me for wanting to explore knowledge. There’s something romantically traditional about the rituals and customs. He presupposes Natural Law. He leans toward T.A.G., though he’d never heard of the term “Transcendental Argument.” There’s quite a bit of “ergo God” that he relies on, but he doesn’t seem to be as deliberately oblivious of its weakness as many other theists.

Catholicism is my favorite Christianity. That’s saying a lot, since they’ve also ruined the lives of millions with their terribly backward approaches to chomo priests, or safe-sex. I say “favorite Christianity” from an anthro 101 point of view. There’s history there, and it’s terrible, brutal, and beautiful throughout. I grew up Lutheran. The histories are closely tied, but after going to a service with a friend when I was young and having ashes put on my head, I remember thinking I’d been cheated of the cool parts of church. I had Lock-Ins at St. Pauls’s, but they had incense and a choir! I don’t even remember my first communion. Some day, I will go to a Latin Mass. I just think it’d be really fun.

In the meantime, it’s always fun and exciting to come from an informal debate with better recognition of the flaws in one’s own arguments. I really need to brush up on my own moral philosophy and the history of early Christianity.

Light The NightOctober 26th, 2013

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